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Translation (written by Annie):

Sometimes I wish there was an app that determines what type of pants I should wear for the day. ‘Considering eating a giant bowl of cape grim beef brisket ramen? Oooh gurl, you better steer clear of the high waisted jeans today.’

Shortly after eating lunch at Shop Ramen, I realised that I would probably need to get dramatically cut out of my pants from eating so much food.

Shop Ramen was filled with well-designed wooden stools, modern drop lights and beautifully fresh-faced families and couples. Pete Rock was playing in the background (so you know it’s good).


We were seated at a big communal table, which I was cool with coz I love eavesdropping on peoples’ conversations. I counted 5 bearded men on our table. It was only 1pm. I felt like I could just chat to these bearded men about their fave Instagram filters thanks to the communal setting, but didn’t. (Valencia and Willow are my shit, just FYI.)

Emily and I shared a Brisket and Kimchi bun ($4) to start with, which included beef brisket and kimchi (shock horror), peanuts, coriander and Japanese mayo.


Brisket and kimchi bun - $4

Nice balance of crunchy (peanuts) and soft (the bun). Not going to lie, I’ve never had kimchi before but it had a nice amount of chilli to it. Can Japanese mayo please be on every meal I ever eat, please?

Next up Em got the Shoyu Ramen ($14) which included pork belly, king oyster mushroom, spring onion, marinated egg, watercress, organic shoyu, chicken and dashi soup and noodles. Fucking yum. This bitch was suffering from some severe food envy.


Shoyu ramen noodles - $14

I didn’t regret my choice though. I stood tough and stuck by my choice of Dan Ramen ($13.5). For a measly dollar you could add a roasted garlic bomb to the noodles.


'Dan' ramen noodles - $13.50

‘Do I want the garlic bomb? I should get the garlic bomb. The garlic bomb sounds so sick. Like a bomb of garlic. Haha, a garlic bomb. If I had it my way I would make garlic flavoured gum. Garlic smells so awesome. I’m getting the garlic bomb.’

 I forgot to order the garlic bomb.

 In my personal garlic bomb reflection afterwards, I realised that I probably didn’t need it coz the Dan Ramen was bloody tasty enough. Cape grim beef brisket, radish, Sichuan pepper, celery, salad greens, marinated egg, peanuts, black vinegar, chicken and dashi soup and noodles.

Woah. So many ingredients. Normally the only time I like eating celery is when it’s smothered in half a jar of Peanut Butter but I really enjoyed it in the ramen.

And those radishes. I don’t know if it’s coz radishes are such an elusive vegetable or their pink colour that makes me so excited. But they were super tasty.

At this point I was glad that our menu got taken away because I vaguely remember reading something about fresh mango pie ($8.5) on the menu.

No Annie. You’ve already tried to subtly unzip your pants from being so full. Walk away while you still can.


Just for a general summary of what eating at Shop Ramen is like, I’ll tell you this… When we walked past Gelato Messina afterwards and Emily turned the opportunity of eating gingerbread ice cream down.

What kind of black magic is this? In what type of a sick world would she say no to Gelato Messina? Emily Naismith doesn’t just ‘turn down’ ICE CREAM.

We were full. It was home time.

Just a heads up if you’re heading to Shop Ramen, please, please wear appropriate pants. Just trust me on this one.

 Oh, and if you do go would you please tell me if adding the $1 garlic bomb added to your ramen experience. Contact me via the official hashtag #garlicbombexperience. 

Shop Ramen is at 329 Smith St Collingwood, Victoria. 

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