"Have you been to Cru in Kew?" (Must be said in a Prue and Trude from Kath and Kim voice. 

I ventured out to Cru in Kew for the express purpose of getting a juice. Not just any juice. A pho-inspired juice. As in my favourite Vietnamese noodle soup that I regularly dream about… in juice-form. Should I expect beef? Noodles? Cloves? Star anise? I can’t even imagine.

Firstly, it’s actually called ‘Phlavours of Pho’. I liked this. I appreciate alliteration in a menu, as long as it’s not cliche. “Big *anything starting with B* Brekky” - PISS OFF.

I get the juice. It looks like this.


It had lemon, Vietnamese mint, apple, pineapple, cucumber and fennel syrup. No noodles or beef… which to be honest I was slightly crushed about but then I realised that you probably don’t want to be eating juice with chopsticks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Phlavours of Pho was seriously refreshing. I could mainly taste the apple and pineapple, but it did leave a similar burn in your neck like the last bit of pho soup, so maybe that was the fennel syrup? Anyway, it was great on a 40 degree day.

I ordered the Crostini for brunch: fruit sourdough with grilled pear, gorgonzola, honey. 


It was delicious, but seriously I NEED MORE ON A PLATE. One of my friends who I was there with ordered the Angus burger and I’d actually finished all three pieces of toast before he’d touched his burger. It was pure pain.

They either needed to cut their toast slices heaps thicker or to include a few more pieces on the plate.

Pat ordered the fruit bowl with fresh and poached fruit, date labne and toasted quinoa. 


I watched him eat it as I sat there wondering if it was socially acceptable to order two meals for one person for brunch. He said it was super fresh and delicious.

I would definitely go back to Cru for their Phlavours of Pho juice, but would make sure I order two meals for brunch.

Cru is at 916 Glenferrie Rd, Kew. 

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